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Newswire Feed Block

Pulling curated news content from the Newswire and then sharing it directly on your site

Use Cases

The Newswire Feed block allows content maintainers to more easily set up a feed of posts from Newswire directly on their web pages. Similar to the Automated Posts block, the Newswire Feed block automates the process of pulling in numerous stories at once instead of sharing them each individually.

Unlike the Automated Posts block, the Newswire Feed block features an additional field where content maintainers can provide a Collection ID and will set up the block to only pull posts from that collection. Previously the Newswire plugin was needed to import a post into the WordPress installation. This new block mitigates the amount of work now needed to pull content from the Newswire as it circumvents the need to import content from the Newswire onto a site.

Screenshot of the Newswire Feed block
The Newswire Feed block gives you the option of displaying stories in a three or two-column format.


Similar to the Automated Post block, the Newswire Feed block allows you to display stories in a three or two-column format. What makes the Newswire Feed block unique, is that it allows you to pull from any Newswire collection by simply including a specific collection ID (see image below).

For more info on blocks and adding them to a WordPress site, see our documentation on blocks.

Example of Newswire collection ID
The most important step of setting up the Newswire Feed block is specifying the collection from which you’d like to pull.

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