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Summer Workshops Series

A selection of specialty trainings for content maintainers looking to hone their skills on the web this summer

During the months of June and July, we will be offering a set of trainings not typically available during our spring and fall workshop series. This is an opportunity for content maintainers to learn new tools or skills, to brush up on their WordPress proficiency, or get an overview of our new Email Generator platform. Registration for these trainings is open now!

Current Offerings

Content Maintainer 1 & 2: An Introduction to the NC State Theme and Basic Content Strategy

Combining materials from our Content Maintainer 1 and 2 training offerings, this two hour long workshop focuses on WordPress basics like pages, posts, and the Gutenberg block editor, all while exploring the NC State Theme. We will also delve into basic content strategy and how to better plan building out one’s website. For those who have already taken our Content Maintainer 1 and 2 workshops this training will go over material you have already learned, but could be a good refresher.

The New Email Generator: An Introduction

UComm recently rolled out major updates to the Email Generator platform. With these recent changes, content maintainers can now use the Gutenberg block editor to build out robust email content in a more visual and user-friendly editing experience. With this change also comes a freshly styled user interface along with an abundance of new options when building email content. With the new Email Generator now being available, we are offering these workshops to provide a first-hand look at the updates to the platform.

Writing for the Web: Building Long-Form Stories for the Web

With long-form stories the copy is the centerpiece, but there are many additional blocks and layout options available to support and expand upon the main story. Using these additional features you can go beyond the paragraph to tell a story from multiple angles and in ways that will resonate both with thorough readers and quick skimmers.

Writing for the Web: Building Newsletters for the Web

Email perennially remains one of the most affective ways to engage with constituents, and the email newsletter is a key part of such efforts. In this workshop we will show how to build newsletters within the new email generator and how to leverage functionality within the broader NC State Web Platform to prolong the lifespan of newsletter content.

Suggestions or Questions?

If you have suggestions for additional workshops or a general question, please contact Scott Thompson (