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Hosting and Domains

OIT's Web Publishing platform is the recommended WordPress hosting service for university units.

OIT is the primary provider of website hosting at NC State, and their Web Publishing platform is the recommended hosting environment for WordPress sites.

The Web Publishing platform allows you to quickly and easily begin using the NC State Web Platform created and maintained by University Communications and Marketing.

A free level is available as part of the Web Publishing hosting platform. This level is a good option for individuals and smaller groups. Larger groups with more advanced needs will likely want to choose one of reasonably priced paid levels.

Domain Approval

Third-level domain ( requests go through a special approval process. Requests are approved according to university policy RUL 08.00.15.

While third-level domains are the best choice in some scenarios, using a fourth-level domain ( is often a more descriptive option. Fourth-level domains are not required to go through the same special approval process and are therefore easier to acquire and quicker to configure.

If there are concerns about the length of a descriptive third- or fourth-level domain, Go Links ( can be easily used to shorten domains and URLs.

Need help?

Have questions? Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at