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Site Administrator Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of key features in the WordPress dashboard that will be relevant to almost all site administrators.


This workshop is conducted via Zoom and will run for roughly one and a half hours. This training will benefit those who are new to site administration in WordPress or anyone who has experience as a site administrator but may want a refresher on the tools available to them via the WordPress dashboard.

The primary focus of the workshop is to better equip site administrators in managing their websites through the WordPress dashboard. We will cover theme-related changes like configuring your website’s menus, along with standard administrative functions such as adding users and assigning roles.

The workshop focuses on overall settings and functionality rather than the specifics of maintaining content on your site.

Key Subject Areas

Below are some of the specific topics that this workshop covers.

  • User roles and permissions
  • Editing menus
  • Editing a site’s masthead and footer
  • Using specific plugins such as:

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops are open to anyone using the NC State web platforms. Each workshop covers similar content, but repeat attendees are welcomed.