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Usability Tasks

Understanding how our platform is used is an important component of improvement and making it more useful for all users. Your feedback on one (or more) of the following tasks provides invaluable insight into how we can evolve in the future.

Each of these prompts represents a common action a site maintainer could take during regular website creation or update cycles. Each link directs to a Google Form, where you’ll be asked to perform the task within a test environment (or your own website) and then answer a few questions about how you decided to proceed.

There are no right or wrong answers, but the more details provided, the better!

Task A: Create a Landing Page for an Online Conference

Your unit is hosting its first online conference! Create a single landing page with information you think would be most useful for engaging potential attendees.

Task B: Create a News Post to Showcase Narrative Content

Select a topic based on something your unit has recently accomplished, or get some ideas from an existing NC State news story. Overwhelmed by choices? Try something about “sweet potatoes”, “graduation”, or “research”. Create a post to showcase that content using as many (or as few) blocks as you see fit.

Task C: Recreate the NC State (or your Unit’s) Homepage

Take the current homepage layout of the core NC State website or the current homepage layout of your unit’s own website. Recreate it as it’s currently laid out.

Generating Test Content

Usually the best tests involve using real content to fully understand whether the system works as well as it needs to in real life situations. Some places to get test content from include: