Peer Groups

University Communications and Marketing is launching peer groups to unite communications and event professionals across campus — and help us better tell the world how we Think and Do.

Comm Together

Curious, intellectual and purposeful: we’re the communications professionals of NC State. And our network can be an unstoppable force.

Our peer group program kicks off seven special interest meetups to foster peer learning, collective problem solving, networking and professional development.

Groups will be co-led by a representative from University Communications and Marketing and another communications professional from the wider campus. The format of your council or affinity group may change over time based on the needs of its members, but every peer group will meet a minimum of twice per year.

So, what’s the difference between councils and affinity groups?

  • Councils are larger groups focused on general discussion. They’ll cover major topics in communications with an emphasis on sharing best practices. Membership will not be capped.
  • Affinity groups are designed for close-knit, hands-on learning. Memberships will be capped at around 20 individuals per group, and meetings may be more frequent.

Choose from four councils and three affinity groups, each tailored to a specific subject area.

CouncilsAffinity Groups
EventsGraphic Design
Research CommunicationsInternal Communications
Social MediaWriting and Editing
Web Communications

7 Peer Groups

Choose your groups, link up with colleagues campuswide and grow your communications skill set.

Find Your Pack

Events Council

From planning through promotion, what makes an NC State event spectacular? Our Events Council will help pinpoint resources and trends, provide marketing tips and identify campus partners critical to making your next event a success.


  • TBD
  • Rebecca Naderman, Dining and Catering Operations, Campus Enterprises


Graphic Design Affinity Group

Work with fellow designers to master NC State’s visual brand with our Graphic Design Affinity Group. We’ll host hands-on workshops and critiques and delve into design best practices and trends.

This group’s registration is capped at 20 members.


  • Bob Witchger, Art Director, University Communications and Marketing
  • Mike Cuales, Associate Director of Creative and Multimedia, DELTA


Internal Communications Affinity Group

Looking for the best tactics to spread your message to NC State’s faculty, staff and students? In the Internal Communications Affinity Group, you’ll learn how to tailor your communication strategy for different audiences, where to distribute internal communications on campus and more.

This group’s registration is capped at 20 members.


  • Suzanne Stanard, Internal Communications Lead, University Communications and Marketing
  • Marielle Pocan, Assistant to the Provost for Communications, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost


Research Communications Council

Our Research Communications Council will share tools and techniques for disseminating university research effectively and efficiently. Find out how to collaborate with researchers, identify the best platforms for reaching target audiences and more.


  • Matt Shipman, Research Lead, University Communications and Marketing
  • Dee Shore, Media Specialist, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Jennifer Jackson Cox,  College of Engineering


Social Media Council

Social media is a vital part of any integrated marketing strategy — and it’s changing all the time. Keep up and keep innovating with our Social Media Council. We’ll talk about building a content strategy, handling crisis management and identifying and adopting new social media management tools.


  • Luis Chacon, Senior Director of Web and Digital Strategy, University Communications and Marketing
  • Reginald Howell, Marketing Manager, Campus Enterprises


Web Communications Council

How can new web technologies bring your digital strategy to the next level? Our Web Communications Council will help you develop a mobile-first web design, navigate the shift from outbound to inbound marketing, interpret Google Analytics and more.


  • Scott Thompson, Assistant Director of Web Development, University Communications and Marketing
  • Nate DeGraff, Director of Marketing and Communications, College of Sciences


Writing and Editing Affinity Group

There’s a lot to say about our bold efforts to Think and Do across campus. Craft your message with help from the Writing and Editing Affinity Group. You’ll discover tools and tips for writing engaging content across digital and print platforms, master NC State’s brand voice and tone, and improve your interviewing skills.

This group’s registration is capped at 20 members.


  • David Hunt, Senior Editor, University Communications and Marketing
  • Sylvia Adcock, Editor of NC State magazine, Alumni Association

Any questions or comments?

Contact Jennifer Kendall at with any queries, or with suggestions for future peer groups.