Every event should have an organized program of activities. Below are some tips and timelines to help with planning your program.

  • Three to four months prior to the event, determine the event’s purpose, goal and audience.
  • Two to three months prior to the event, identify event activities and the order of the program. If the chancellor will be involved, the Chancellor’s Office needs to approve the scope and order of the final program.
  • Determine how many speakers you’ll have and the order in which they’ll speak.
    • Speaker order depends upon the event and is determined by protocol.
    • Write a script or talking points for your host(s).
    • If the chancellor is a speaker at your event, provide suggested talking points and the program order to the Chancellor’s Office at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Arrange for University Communications and Marketing or an outside designer to design the printed program. Consider using the same designer that created the invitations, to ensure a consistent look across all event materials.
  • Four weeks prior to the event, approve the final program.
  • Wait to print the program until one week prior to the event, to allow for last-minute changes.