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Using NC State Photos

Browse and download NC State's high-resolution images for official campus use.

Access NC State Photos

Browse our gallery of NC State University images: NC State Photos. While everyone has access to view the online images, high-resolution versions can only be downloaded for official NC State use. To download high-resolution photos for educational, marketing and other noncommercial university purposes, you will need to sign in using your Unity ID.

You will then be able to download the high-resolution versions without a watermark. There are no fees associated with using images from the NC State Photos site. Our photo collection is hosted by PhotoShelter, an off-campus, digital-archive-management company. Storing our stock photos off-site ensures that our images are protected and your login information is digitally secure.

Explore the Gallery

Get access to thousands of high-resolution images for official campus use.

Students celebrate an athletics win during March Madness.

Permission is required to use NC State Photos in commercial or noneducational publishing. Do not distribute or share any images you download with any entity not associated with NC State.

Please note that the university protects its copyright and any misuse of images from these galleries could possibly result in legal action.

Email Us

For questions about use and copyright, contact us at

Step By Step Guide

  1. Log in to PhotoShelter using your Unity ID.
  2. Choose a photo from a gallery or a search
  3. Click “download” in the box above the image
  4. Select a download option

All photographic images, digital or film, taken by University Communications and Marketing (UCOMM) belong to the state of North Carolina and are the property of NC State University. As the university’s steward, UCOMM reserves the right to use these images to serve the interests of NC State University, including making images available to any entity of the university or the general public at any time.

Any university partner can request to withhold images from shared use by requesting an embargo at a 15% increase to the correlating bill. Embargoed images remain private until the established release date, up to a year from the date of the photoshoot. After the release date, the embargoed photos can become available to university partners, including uploaded to NC State Photos for campus use. Special cases or needs are handled on a case by case basis.