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Teammates in University Communications and Marketing collaborate on a project in a meeting room.


Our team of marketing and communications professionals brings a wealth of expertise to support any project from start to finish.

What We Do

University Communications and Marketing is adept at helping clients find effective solutions to their communications challenges. Through our dynamic, collaborative approach, we turn ideas into action and deliver measurable results.

Partner With University Communications and Marketing

Ready to get started? Get in touch about your project’s scope and needs, and we’ll work together to achieve your goals.

A colorful collection of assorted UComm material.

Web Products and Tools

UComm creates and manages a suite of products and tools designed to support campus partners in communicating more effectively on the web. See what’s available:

NC State Theme

The NC State Web Platform provides a robust platform for delivering web content. The theme works well for both information-dense sites and higher-level marketing sites.


The Newswire facilitates the sharing and republishing of news content between campus units. Site maintainers can choose what content to share or republish.

NC State People

This WordPress plugin interfaces with the main campus directory to pull in basic contact information and create a directory of individuals affiliated with a unit.

Email Generator

The Email Generator provides a simple way to build out templated emails that better organizes messaging while keeping content on brand.

EMDS 2.0

The Email Mass Distribution System facilitates list management, email creation, proofing, and reporting for NC State’s marketing and gift solicitation emails.