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The NC State Newswire allows news stories to be shared between and within campus units.

There are two basic ways for campus members to interface with the Newswire:

  1. Republish stories available through the Newswire on a unit’s site; and/or,
  2. Contribute stories to the Newswire for other campus units to republish

While any campus unit can utilize content published through the Newswire, contributors of stories will need to complete a one time request for their content to be pulled into the Newswire. As part of this request, a contributor will need to indicate what type of content they most often produce and how it may be of interest to the larger campus community.

Becoming a Contributor

To become a contributor to the Newswire, you will need to identify a category that you would like the Newswire to pull stories from.

By only pulling stories from a specific category, you can self-curate which stories will be of interest to the campus community at large.

When you are ready to become a contributor, please complete the UComm Dev Request form and include the slug of the category. The developers within University Communications will work with you and/or your technical support member(s) to have the Newswire pull in your stories.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Submit the UComm Dev Request form, and one of our developers will contact you for further assistance.