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Products and Tools

University Communications and Marketing creates and maintains several products for effective web communication.

The term “product” is used because these tools receive a higher level of scrutiny and review to minimize the number of bugs and issues. Products are meant to be more robust and have a wider set of configurable options and flexibility to facilitate on brand communication.

This approach allows for a more efficient use of resources to meet most communications and marketing needs to campus users.

NC State Theme

The NC State Web Platform provides a robust platform for delivering web content. The theme works well for both information-dense sites and higher-level marketing sites.

The platform has a free tier and two paid tiers. In general, the free tier is well suited for smaller sites with more basic communications needs. The paid pro- and premium-tiers provide additional functionality that helps groups with more effective marketing and communications efforts.

ADD: unbranded theme

PRO: The NC State Stories platform is a turn-key solution for narrative story telling. It can be used for traditional news posts and highly-visual features stories. An Enhanced News Add-on adds additional functionality to create digital publications.


The Newswire facilitates the sharing and republishing of news content between campus units. Site maintainers can choose what content to republish on their sites. They can also optionally become a contributor to share their original stories with the Newswire.

NC State People

This WordPress plugin interfaces with the main campus directory to pull in basic contact information about people. Site maintainers choose which Unity IDs should appear in their site’s directory. Supplemental information can be added to the site’s directory.

Email Generator

The Email Generator allows campus members to easily create branded HTML emails to send to their constituents. The generated email can then be placed in Acoustic, MailChimp, a Google Group, and other email platforms for delivery.

A free tier and premium tier are both available.

EMDS 2.0

The second iteration of the Email Mass Distribution System (EMDS). Add information about how to use this tool to send emails.

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