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Content Auditing

Schedule and track audits of your content to assure it is up to date.


The Content Audit Tools allow site editors to schedule and conduct audits of the content found on their web pages. With the Content Audit Tools, site editors can now easily set how frequently they would like a page to be reviewed and then “check-off” once a page has been audited. Additionally, through a widget within the WordPress Dashboard, content maintainers can track pages to see if they are overdue or close to overdue, making the governance of content much easier.

The ultimate aim of these tools is to help users maintain their content’s relevance without having to worry about whether or not they missed a page as they audit their site.

Configuring a Page for Auditing

The Content Audit Tools sidebar is where site maintainers can indicate that a page has been audited, and the frequency of when the page’s content needs to be reviewed. To access this sidebar, simply click into any page on a WordPress site and click on the sidebar icon found in the top right corner of the editing interface (see demo below).

Demo of the content audit sidebar.

Pages Audit Information

Once a page is set to an audit frequency, site editors can find information on when the page was last audited, and when they can expect the page to be audited again, in the “Pages” section of the WordPress dashboard.

Screenshot of the content audit columns found in the Pages section of the WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard Widget

In addition to the two new information columns found next to pages, when content maintainers login into their WordPress site they will now find a new Content Audit Tracker widget as part of the WordPress Dashboard. This widget communicates to site editors upcoming audits along with audits that are overdue.

Screenshot of the Content Audit Tracker found in the WordPress Dashboard

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