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Web hosting at NC State is managed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). The Web Publishing system is the recommended hosting solution for WordPress and the NC State Theme.

Web Publishing has free and paid service tiers and can scale to serve a single individual’s website up to provide robust hosting for college and major division websites.

For individual sites, research labs and small unit sites, most units will be well-served by either the “Free” or “Standard” Web Publishing tiers. For larger units with more specialized needs and/or users of a paid tier of the NC State Theme, the “Custom” Web Publishing tier will be needed.

Site URLs and Domains

Your site will need a domain to be accessible. Existing university policy governs what domains are available and what permission is required to use different domains.

A new third-level domain ([something], for example) must go through a university-level approval process. Third-level domains are unlikely to be approved if the requested domain does not represent a university-level initiative or an initiative that crosses multiple university subunits.

Fourth-level domains ([something], for example) are recommended for most new websites. These domains must be granted approval by the third-level domain “owner.” There is not a single mechanism for how these approvals are processed. In most instances, they are approved informally through an email to the “owner.” In the example above, approval would be received by the Director of Communications and Marketing within the College of Sciences.

Currently, all sites within the free-tier of Web Publishing will receive a url of [something]

More information about what domains are available can be found on the Web Publishing site.