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Content Strategy

Organizing information on your site helps users quickly and efficiently find information about your unit and its offerings.

Content strategy helps you structure the information on your site in a coherent and easily navigable manner. Having a thorough content strategy plan helps you know how the pages on your site relate to one another. It also helps you understand what content should be on each page.

Pieces of content strategy include identifying and documenting your primary audiences and the goals your have for those audiences on your site. Knowing this high-level information helps you then decide which pages you need on your site.

The abstractness of content strategy work can be confusing at first for those unfamiliar with the discipline. It is a sub-skillset of writing. Due to the size and scope of many sites, it is an important skillset to leverage in order to have a well organized website.

Our content strategy workshop can help you better understand the power of content strategy and how to leverage it when working on your website.