Chancellor Participation and The Point

If you would like the chancellor to participate in your event, you should first have your proposal reviewed and approved by the vice chancellor or dean of your unit.

Upon approval, please contact Lindsay Recchie, assistant to the chancellor, well before the event is scheduled. If the chancellor is participating in your event, a representative from University Special Events must serve on the planning committee to offer assistance and to ensure that university protocols are followed, that the proper officials are invited and that there is coordination of publicity/media coverage of the event. In addition, all collateral materials, such as invitations and programs, must be approved by University Special Events in consultation with the Chancellor’s Office.

Interested in hosting an event at The Point?  Contact for more information.

Guidelines for Use of the Chancellor’s Residence

The Point is the primary residence of the chancellor of NC State and his or her family. Chancellor Woodson and his family are pleased to share this unique house by invitation.

The following guidelines have been established to help organizations and groups requesting the use of the residence. For additional information, contact University Special Events at 919-515-7184.

  • Events held at The Point shall be for the purpose of cultivation, development, partnering, community relations and the advancement of the university’s mission, vision and goals. These should be chancellor-level events.
  • The chancellor’s residence and the grounds surrounding the home are not available for commercial use, media promotions or private parties.
  • The chancellor and/or his or her spouse must be in attendance at the event. Organizations or groups requesting the use of the space must provide the following information in writing no later than six weeks in advance to Lindsay Recchie at
    • Name of the event
    • Host organization/group
    • Date and time of the proposed event
    • Contact name, email address and phone number
    • Target audience for guests
    • Number of expected attendees
    • Primary purpose of the event
    • Type of event (e.g., served dinner, reception, cocktails, lunch buffet)
    • Project ID to be used for billing (campus units only)
  • Requests must be approved by the chancellor or his or her appointed official.
  • The Chancellor’s Office reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or move a function in the unlikely event of a major conflict or emergency.
  • Only designated areas on the first floor of the residence and the grounds immediately surrounding the home are available for use during events.
  • Once an event has been approved, all logistics (including invitations, catering, space considerations, etc.) must be handled in consultation with the director of University Special Events, Ellen Klingler.
  • The host organization will be responsible for all expenditures related to the event (including, but not limited to, food and beverages, decorations and rentals). This applies to events hosted by any university entity including colleges, foundations and advancement (such as fundraising and cultivation events).
  • Alcoholic beverages will be served in accordance with North Carolina law. The Chancellor’s Office will determine the appropriateness of such service.
  • For questions regarding the special features of The Point and appropriate use of the space, please contact Ellen Klingler at