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Global Settings

These settings apply to almost all pages on your site.

Many of the global settings can be access by going to “NC State Settings” within the left-hand menu of your site.


The settings in this section allow you to specify your site’s title, your parent unit’s title and your parent unit’s URL.

This is also where you would provide a Google Custom Search Engine ID so that you can use the search box within the Utility Bar to search your own site.


Within this section you can control your menu colors, whether or not you have the campaign sticker in your navigation, and what menu level the left-hand sidebar appears.

Social Media Accounts

You can specify your social media accounts within this section. The footer and various blocks within the theme will use this information to appropriately populate themselves.

Footer Settings

This is where you specify what content appears in your footer. More complete information can be found on the Footer Configuration page.

Need help?

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