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Setup and Configuration

There are a few settings changes that can be made to ensure your site is importing Newswire stories in a manner that works for you.

Many of the items listed here will only need to be performed once during your initial configuration of the Newswire. Oftentimes a member of your technical support will assist with this configuration, or you can contact University Communications for additional assistance.

All of the configuration items listed here are performed within the WordPress Dashboard of your site by going to Settings -> Newswire Settings.

Identifying Newswire Collection IDs

You will need to provide your collection ID(s) from in order to pull in stories from the Newswire. If more than one ID needs to be provided, separate each ID with a comma.

You can go to the “My Collections” tab after logging in at to discover the ID of each of your collections.

Auto-publish Articles

If this option is selected, articles imported from the Newswire will be automatically published. If the option is not selected, they will be saved as draft when imported and require someone to manually publish them later.

Article Attribution

If this option is selected, a short sentence will automatically be added at the end of each Newswire story indicating where it was originally published. The sentence will include a link to the original story.

Need help?

Have questions? Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at