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Events Block


This block will display the next three events on your calendar. It can pull data from Localist (the main university calendar) or The Events Calendar plugin. The Events Calendar plugin allows you to import events from Google Calendars and other calendaring platforms.

With both Localist and The Events Calendar, you can filter what types of events to display. This will allow you to display events for a specific topic such as research seminars or outreach events on a relevant page of your site.

Similar Blocks

Oftentimes it is necessary to display dates and deadlines on an academic website. The Events block is not well suited for this use case since there are often more than three deadlines that need to be listed.

A table block can be a good alternative for dates and deadlines. It will allow you to display deadlines in a more compact manner. Just make sure to review your table on a mobile device to make sure it is legible for users who are accessing your site from a phone.

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