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Fact Row Block

This block is only featured in the Premium Tier of the NC State Web Platform.

This block is also available within the Enhanced News Add-on.

Use Cases

The Fact List Block is a useful tool for providing users with important information about a site while also breaking up paragraphs of text. Intended to catch a user’s eye as they skim a web page, the Fact List block should contain information that site visitors must see before they navigate elsewhere. Furthermore, the Fact List block can be effective for linking out to other relevant stories. Leveraging the the call to action text featured under each fact can facilitate user’s exploring a site’s important content further.


Adding a Fact List block to a page or post is easy.

Once added, the Fact List block allows for a specific icon, custom heading, supporting text, and call to action within each sub-block. This allows for focused, relevant facts, that are visually unique.

In addition to these customizations, the icons and call to actions can be hidden, and the color of the block changed.

Need Help?

Curious about the Fact List block? Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at