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Floated Fact

This block is only featured in the Premium Tier of the NC State Web Platform.

Use Cases

The Fact block provides content creators with an additional way to add interesting information to their site. The Fact block should be used to draw attention to content relevant to the page it is on, and should link out to further information concerning the provided fact. The block allows for both floated and center alignment, which means it can sit nicely in the midst of a body of text, or can exist between two paragraphs to break the text up. When adding a floated block like the Fact block, it is important that site maintainers use WordPress’ “Preview” feature when creating the block in order to get a more accurate perspective on how the block will appear on the page.


In Gutenberg, adding a Fact block to a page is as easy as clicking the “Add a block” button and choosing “Fact” from the block list. Alternatively, the block can be found by using the “Search for a block” function. For more info on blocks and adding them to a WordPress site, see our documentation on blocks.

Once added, the Fact block allows for a custom heading, supporting text, and a unique icon.

The Fact block also allows for a center alignment in the block toolbar. Furthermore, additional customization is available through the block settings found on the right-hand side menu. Creators can opt to hide the icon, include a call to action, or change the text and icon color.

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