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Form Block


The Form block works with the Gravity Forms plugin. It allows you to embed a Gravity Form on a page.

The block itself is simple. It allows you to select which Gravity Form you would like to embed and whether or not you would like to display the form’s title and/or description. The form is built with Gravity Forms by going to “Forms” in the left-hand menu.

More complete documentation for Gravity Forms can be found within the third-party plugins section of this site.

Alternative Options

A Google Form can be a good option for building forms. Generally speaking, using a Google Form will require your users to go to another page that isn’t part of your website. This is fine for many types of forms, but may not be ideal for frequently used forms that are higher profile. Examples might include a form to request more information about a program or to RSVP for a major alumni event.

More highly styled blocks are available to collect email signups and to encourage online gifts. These blocks are specially designed for these use cases and are generally a better option than a standard Form block.

Need help?

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