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Image Grid Block


This block allows you to display images in a grid format of one image across or two images side-by-side. You can add as many rows of images as you’d like.

It is a good way to show a lot of prominent photography. The images within the Image Grid block can also become part of a gallery that users can swipe through.

Below is an example of one possible Image Grid configuration.

Alternative Blocks

  • Image block: The standard image block can be used to pace a story and provide natural separation between different story sections.
  • Thumbnail Gallery block: This block allows you to create a traditional photo gallery. A grid of thumbnails are displayed and the user can click on a thumbnail to enlarge and swipe through the gallery.
  • Video Image block: You can add video by embedding a YouTube video using the Video Image block. This block allows you to select a still image to use ad the video’s cover image.

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