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List Block

While this is a fairly straightforward block, it can be an important part of your content. When interspersed with paragraph blocks, it can help users more easily skim your content to find a specific piece of information.

User research has also shown that online readers are particularly drawn to lists when consuming content, so they can be a way to potentially keep a user engaged for longer.

Supporting Blocks

Link List

Lists are a good way to provide discrete chunks of information, but sometimes you may want a more a more prominent footprint. In those cases the Link List can provide a good alternative. It provides a two column list of links and is often used to link out to additional resources.


If you like the idea of conveying information in a list format but there is too much information to fit in a bulleted list, you may want to consider using an Accordion block.

This block allows you to provide shorter title snippet that the user will click on to expand additional information. It can be a good option to display a lot of information without overwhelming the user with a long page that requires a lot of scrolling.

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