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Quote Block

This block is only featured in the Premium Tier of the NC State Web Platform.


Quotes from students, faculty, alumni and others affiliated with the university allow you to provide a different, third-party perspective to your website’s users. The Quote block provides an opportunity to display these supporting testimonials.

The Quote block is similar to the Pull Quote block within the NC State Stories platform. It allows you to display a large, prominent quote in one of the NC State brand colors. It has additional fields that allow you to provide an optional byline and headshot of the person to whom the quote is attributed.

Alternative Blocks

If you are looking for a less prominent way to display testimonial content, there are a few other options:

  • Paragraph Block: Including a quote within a standard paragraph is less visually impactful but still a good option.
  • Ministory Block: This block can be used to share a brief story (and quote) that links out to another location such as a student profile on your news site.

It may be tempting to use the Block Quote block; however, that block is intended to be used for extended excerpts from another body of work such as a research article or annual report. Block Quotes are not traditionally used to display quotes and testimonials.

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