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Related Stories Block

The Related Stories block is one of several ways to link out from a news post to other related stories. It is the quickest block for linking to related stories because it doesn’t rely upon images or teaser text.

When the block is added, you have the option to display one or two related stories. The “Related” subtitle is hard-coded and cannot be changed.

To select a story, begin typing the title of another story within the same news site or paste in the URL to another website.

Auto-Complete Functionality

If linking to another story within the same site, auto-complete functionality will be available. It will pull in the post’s title and URL.

If desired, the title of the post can be changed to better indicate how the story is related to the current story. Editing the post title will not change how the title displays on the original story or elsewhere on the site.

Alternative Options

If the Related Stories block is not used, text within the body of the post can be linked out to a related story. This is a less intrusive manner of linking to other content that a small subset of users might find helpful.

If a more prominent footprint is desired, the Highlight block is a good alternative. This block allows you to include a teaser and image to more prominently draw the reader’s attention to the related content.

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