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Thumbnail Gallery Block


This block allows you to display many photos in a condensed amount of screen space. This is useful for cases where a large number of images are available for a particular story, but are topically relevant to eachother and best viewed in conjunction with other relevant images. Think a gallery of NC State Fair foods, or a collection of images from Graduation.

Up to 30 images can be displayed in a single gallery, which are paginated in chunks depending on how large the user’s screen size is. The block displays images within the gallery as small thumbnails. Users can click on an image to enlarge it and swipe through the gallery.

Images are selected from the WordPress Media Library. They can then be placed in any order and optional gallery-specific captions can be added.

Alternative Options

There are several similar blocks that can be used to showcase visual content.

  • Image block: The standard image block can be used to pace a story and provide natural separation between different story sections.
  • Image Grid block: This block is only available within the Enhanced Add-on to NC State Stories. It allows you to display images in a grid format of one image across or two images side-by-side. You can add as many rows of images as you’d like.
  • Video Image block: You can add video by embedding a YouTube video using the Video Image block. This block allows you to select a still image to use as the video’s cover image.

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