An important part of any event is the venue. Be sure to include these venue-planning steps in your process.

  • Finalize venue location.
  • Complete signing of contracts with venue.
  • At least three months prior to the event, determine the precise area for setup to include stage, general seating, VIP seating, media location and registration table.
  • Determine onsite registration procedures.
  • Determine number and type of volunteers needed — students, faculty, staff and others.
  • Determine event signage and stage backdrop, if needed.
  • Contact Transportation for traffic control and parking.
  • Contact campus police well in advance to arrange for safety and security needs and to discuss issues related to VIP attendance.
  • Secure transportation/parking needs of VIPs or speaker, as well as transportation/parking of guests.
  • Contact vendor(s) for tent, stage, podium, chairs, tables and tablecloths.
  • Contact vendor(s) for electronics such as sound system, lighting, LCD projector, DVD and laptop.
  • Contact vendor(s) for flowers, plants, balloons and other decorations.
  • Determine need for ceremonial items such as shovels, hard hats, ribbons or scissors.
  • If necessary, determine insignias for podium, hard hats and shovels.
  • Make arrangements for site preparation (e.g., special cleaning, equipment and trash removal).
  • Arrange for seating of VIPs and other special guests or speakers.