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A sidebar menu can help users filter the directory by groups.

Pages populated by the People plugin can display a customizable sidebar menu. Site administrators may choose which groups they want to include within the sidebar for filtering. The manual population of this sidebar allows the site administrator to choose which groups will be most helpful for users in filtering. 

To edit this menu, navigate to “Appearance” > “Menus” and select the appropriate menu from the dropdown list at the top of the page. If you do not see a menu for the sidebar within the dropdown, you will likely need to create a new menu and assign it to the “People navigation” location.

This menu works the same way as other menus, meaning site maintainers can select/re-organize links within this menu. This menu is not auto-generated and therefore will start off empty. Add, move, or remove items in the same way as other WordPress navigation menus. Typically these menus are composed entirely of group links. 

During setup, this menu should have been assigned a display location of ‘People navigation’. If creating a new menu, be sure to set your new menu to this location.

This menu supports a depth maximum of two. Additional items added to the third or fourth levels will not appear anywhere in the menu.

Be sure to save the menu when complete. 

Note: During setup, a menu item with a link to the directory home (labelled ‘All’) will have been manually added as the first item in the menu. While you may choose to remove this item, it’s recommended that this is left in place so that users always have a way to return to the directory homepage.

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