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Grouping people by similar responsibility or reporting units can help users more easily browse for individuals.


Groups can be leveraged as a way to categorize people and add filtering options to help users more quickly navigate a site’s directory.

To add a new group, from the WordPress dashboard, navigate under People -> Groups. This page will show both a list of all groups and subgroups currently available. This is also where maintainers will add new groups and subgroups. 

Groups may also have child subgroups, forming a grouping hierarchy. This may be set via the ‘Parent Group’ dropdown when creating or editing a subgroup.

Group and Subgroup Views

When viewing a filtered listing of individuals by group, individuals will be organized according to the hierarchy of subgroups within that filter with additional ordering based on assigned leadership individuals within each subgroup. 

The assigned leadership individual for the current subgroup will be listed first. Other individuals within the group will be listed in alphabetical order unless a manual ordering is selected within People -> Groups -> a specific group.

Each child subgroup will then be outputted alphabetically beneath its own heading title, where the assigned leadership individual appears first in the list followed by all other individuals within that subgroup. 

Finally, any individuals listed within the currently filtered subgroup but not contained within another child subgroup will be listed at the bottom. 

Individuals will appear only once. If any individual is listed within multiple subgroups, they will only appear in the first grouping displayed.

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