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Persona Support

The NC State People plugin can integrate with the university's Persona service. This service allows you to create groups of individuals that are automatically updated.


Persona is an OIT system that allows you to create groups of individuals in specific departments, colleges, or other campus units. Persona allows you to create very granular sets of criteria for groups. According to the Persona site:

Persona is an attribute-based people grouping service, allowing users to create groups that automatically update their membership based on a set of criteria.

Access to Persona is limited to full-time employees by emailing More information is available at

Connecting NC State People and Persona

Connecting and configuring Persona to the NC State People plugin isn’t difficult, but it can be tedious for less technically-inclined users.

The Persona website and documentation within the “Persona Sync” section of the NC State People plugin provide thorough information on necessary configuration steps. If you are still uncertain about how to proceed, you may want to contact your web support individual or contact UComm for help.

Need help?

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