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Lite Mode

This optional setting provides a way to share indexes between sites within a WordPress multisite.

Lite Mode can be enabled by going to People -> Settings within the back-end of your site. When Lite Mode is enabled, many of the other settings within the People plugin will be disabled.

When Lite Mode is enabled, the site administrator will be able to choose the parent site within the same multisite from which to pull people. The site administrator will also be able to choose which group(s) in the parent site to pull from. This will allow the republishing site to only display the individuals that are relevant for the site.

All profiles are managed on the parent site. They will be displayed on a basic, alphabetically ordered page within the current site.

Given these display constraints, some groups may opt to maintain separate, independent directories within each site. This will allow each site more control over how individuals are displayed and how users can filter groups.

If you are unsure if you should use Lite Mode, University Communications is happy to discuss the pros and cons of Lite Mode within your specific circumstances. Submit a request at to begin the conversation.