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Adding People

Individuals can be added manually or in bulk with a list of Unity IDs.

The initial setup of the directory and its contents can be a daunting task for larger units as it involves the upload of several users by the maintainer or administrator of their site. Nevertheless, there are methods for streamlining this process by importing multiple users all at once, while also providing the option of adding individual users one at a time.

Method 1 – For bulk importing people with Unity IDs (recommended):

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard under “People” > “Import”, enter users’ Unity IDs in the ‘Unity IDs’ field, separating each user by a comma (e.g.: mrwuf1, mrswuf1, mrwuf2).
    1. Note: optionally you can un-check “Allow these users to edit their own profile” to prevent the added users from editing their directory listings.
  2. Click “Import” to add your new users.
    1. Note: The initial information will be automatically imported from Campus Directory for these individuals. This information, if provided, can include:
      1. First and last name
      2. Title
      3. Website
      4. Email
      5. Office
      6. Phone number
  3. After performing the import, a status of “Success” or “Failed” should appear below the import area. You can also confirm whether or not a user was successfully added by looking under the “All People” section found under “People” in the dashboard.

Method 2 – For adding a single user (Users without a Unity ID):

  1. Under “People”, select “Add New” to manually add a new person and their information.

Note: For user’s with unity ID’s, additional information, not featured in their Campus Directory listing, can still be provided in the directory. Such information could include a headshot, bio, or education (among other things). To include this info under a listing, user’s can look under “People” > “All People” > and then click “Edit” under any individual user.

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