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Adding Stories to Magazine Issues

Adding stories old and new can be accomplished in several different, interchangeable ways. Use whichever way feels the most intuitive for your situation.

Method 1: Select Stories from the Magazine Issue Configuration Page

Screenshot of the magazine issue story selection interface, where stories may be added and ordered direction from a magazine issue configuration page.

Within each magazine issue’s configuration page, stories may be searched for and added from the Stories field. The left column represents all posts on the current site, while the right column represents stories selected for the current issue. Posts may be searched or filtered by taxonomy for easier discovery.

The right column also represents the ordering of stories within an issue. This affects how stories display on cover pages, as well as within the Magazine Preview block. These stories may be rearranged by clicking and dragging them into their desired ordering. Note that the cover story does not necessarily need to be the first item — place this story in whatever order would make the most sense if a reader were progressing linearly through the issue contents.

Method 2: Assign Individual Story to an Issue while Editing

When writing or editing a story, it may be useful to immediately place the current story directly into a magazine issue without needing to navigate away to the magazine issue configuration page.

Screenshot of magazine issue selection from within an individual post

To assign a post to an issue, simply navigate to the Issues panel within the Document Settings area. This will likely be in the same general area as Categories and Tags, and is assigned in the same way via checking the appropriate box.

Method 3: Assign posts via Bulk Edit or Quick Edit

For quickly assigning posts to issues via the standard Posts Dashboard, using the Quick Edit and Bulk Edit features can easily add a large number of posts to an issue.

Quick Edit

For quickly adding a single post to an issue from the Dashboard.

Animated screengrab of the post quick edit feature to add a single post to a magazine issue.

Bulk Edit

For quickly adding many posts to an issue (or several) from the Dashboard.

Animated screengrab of adding multiple posts to a magazine issue via Bulk Edit

Newswire Integration

Selection of stories for a magazine issue is fully compatible with Newswire integration. Once stories have been imported to the current site via the Newswire, they may be selected in the same way as other posts using any of the methods above.

For more information or questions about the Newswire system, see the Newswire topic.

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