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Issue Configuration Options

While the majority of the magazine cover is automatically generated, there are a few configuration options that may be set per-issue.

Issue covers may be configured by selecting an issue from within the ‘Issues’ area of the WordPress Dashboard.

Screenshot of the "Issues" item in the dashboard along with example o where to click to edit an individual issue's cover configuration

As covers are automatically generated, the edit screen is not as visual as when editing posts and pages. Preview the issue the view changes made to the issue configuration.

Cover Story

Cover stories may be selected from a list of stories within the current issue that are using the Immersive post template. While any story may be included within the issue’s contents, only immersive posts may be selected as cover stories.

Screenshot highlighting the Cover Story selection dropdown within a magazine issue configuration page.

Note: When creating a new magazine or adding new stories to an existing magazine, the available options within the Cover Story dropdown will not update in real time. If a newly added Immersive Template story is not appearing, save and refresh the page to view the complete list of available stories for selection in this field.

Story Order

Story ordering may be rearranged using the right-most column within the Stories box. Simply click and drag stories to their desired order. This will affect which order stories will appear on covers, as well as in the Magazine preview block.

Screenshot highlighting the story ordering mechanism on magazine issue config pages.

Story Inclusion

The left-most box of the Stories field allows users to search, filter, and select stories that exist on the current site for inclusion within the issue. See the Adding Stories to Magazines page for more options on how stories may be included in an issue.

Screenshot highlighting story inclusion field on magazine config pages.

Standard Elements

Similar to posts and pages, several standard elements exist for each issue that should be filled out for optimal display of the magazine in archives, blocks that pull issue previews (Automated Posts, for example), and when the cover URL is shared via social.

These fields include the Excerpt, Featured Image, and all Metadata fields.

Additionally, issue titles, permalinks, and publish settings may all be controlled via the standard interfaces, exactly the same as regular posts.

Screenshot of magazine issue config page highlighting standard fields including post title, permalink, publish settings, excerpt, featured image, and metadata.

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