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Enhanced News Add-On

Especially useful for display of highly visual editorial content, the Enhanced News Add-On offers a suite of tools for adding a "pop" factor to high profile news stories.

Immersive News Post Template

When the Enhanced News Add-On is installed and active on your site, an additional template is available for selection on posts. Selecting this template automatically formats the content of the page slightly differently and enables options for additional, specialized blocks.

Additional Blocks

In addition to all of the normal blocks available for news stories (Pullquote, Buttons, Related Stories, Highlight, etc…), the following blocks are also available:

  • Immersive Header: Specialized header for immersive style news posts
  • Split Header: Additional header type specialized for portrait style imagery
  • Aside Widget: Enables fade-in sidebar display of Facts and Pullquotes
  • Image Grid: For large displays of faded-in imagery in grid-like format with gallery lightboxing options
  • Separator: Additional element for separation of story sections
  • Fact List: Display of 1, 2, or 3 facts/informational callouts
  • Sandwich Narrative: A companion story within a story

Real-World Examples

The Enhanced News Add-On is still in early stages of rollout, but there are already some great stories being created with its features. Check out these examples for inspiration!

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