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NC State Theme Release 4.2

Though more minor relative to last month’s v4.1 release, v4.2 introduces several new features. Of note, we have introduced block editor compatibility with the Events Calendar plugin. This comes with some other new features such as a “back to top” button and several bug fixes and quality of life enhancements.

Key Feature Update: Events Calendar plugin and block editor compatibility

One of the more exciting new features of v4.2 is block editor support for the Events Calendar plugin. Until recently, the Events Calendar only supported the classic WordPress editor. Now content maintainers can build out their events using the familiar Gutenberg block editor.

To begin using the block editor when creating events, content maintainers can toggle it on via the Events Calendar settings. If you prefer the classic editor experience, you can keep this toggled off.

Demo of adjusting Event Calendar settings
Demo of toggling on the block editor.

Developer Release Notes

The links below connect to pull requests and commits in GitHub. These are for those who would like to see code changes and details about its implementation. If you do not have access to the GitHub repository, please submit a request to gain access.

New Features

  • Added a button for site administrators to add a “back to top” button on all pages/posts. Whenever a viewer scrolls 150% of their screen height, a back to top button will appear for them. When clicked, this button will jump them to the top of the page. This functionality can also be toggled on/off on individual pages and posts if it is not desired site-wide. (#85, #122)
  • Added options for the site administrator to change the URLs of the footer’s links for unbranded sites. (#104, #121)
  • The Taxonomies on the CPT single pages now link to the archive with the taxonomy pre-filtered based on the link clicked. (#105)
  • The Tribe Events Calendar is now compatible with the block editor including updated styling. Also updated block contexts. (#110)
  • Added new options to the Theming settings of unbranded sites. This allows site admins (with correct permissions) to toggle on a full width masthead. Images can now also be used as the masthead. (#111)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the headings in the CPT archives to go to the URL provided. It now directs to the single post page for non-resource CPTs. (#106)
  • The sub blocks of Fancy Paragraphs were available outside the Fancy Paragraph block. This should no longer be the case. (#108)
  • The Archive submit button was not using the CSS variables. This caused it to turn red even if the brand primary was set in the unbranded theming options. This is now fixed. (#112)
  • The styling of the 3 column layout of the Featured Content block would break in the editor if only two cards were present. This is now fixed. (#113)
  • The Academic Programs archive was not handling the preloaded images that users could select. It should now populate without issue (#114)
  • Adjusted the post’s previous/next links area at the bottom of the post to only be content width. (#116)

Quality of Life Enhancements

  • The language for the Courses CPT was inconsistent with the other CPTs. Updated this language for consistency. (#107)
  • If the taxonomy of an Academic Program was set to ‘Certificate’ only, then the Certificate displayed twice. This should now only display once. (#115)
  • The post view will now handle the removal of its author from the database. (#117)
  • Adjusted the Mobile Menu behavior so that if a top level menu item has no children it does not provide a dropdown. (#118)

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