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Slate Form Embed Block

The Slate Form Embed block makes it easier to embed Slate form code within pages.

In some cases directly copying and pasting the embed code can be unsuccessful because of code sanitization functionality within WordPress, but this block allows you to embed a Slate form without that concern.

When working with different admissions groups at the university, you may receive Slate form embed code that looks similar to the following:

You will notice three areas where the same form ID is listed. In this example the form ID is “form_54002fe6-baab-471d-8e06-153675929296”.

To embed this form using the Slate Form Embed block you will need to copy the portion of the form ID after “form_”. In this case that would be “54002fe6-baab-471d-8e06-153675929296”. This code will tell WordPress which Slate form to display on your site.