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NC State Theme Release 4.3

This theme release includes several notable feature releases in addition to many quality of life improvements and bug fixes. New features include:

  • A search block that can be configured to search different post types
  • A more streamlined way to embed Slate forms
  • The ability to add a “last reviewed” date on pages

Post Search Block

This block adds a search field for users to search entries within a specific post type. The block allows content maintainers to choose which post type should be searched. It automatically recognizes all custom post types registered within the site.

Slate Form Embed

This block provides a streamlined way to embed a Slate form created by university admissions officials. No new front-end functionality is provided by this block, but it does make it easy for content maintainers to add forms without the embed code being removed through security and sanitization functionality within WordPress.

Last Reviewed Indicator

Included as part of the theme’s content audit tools, you can now choose to display a “Last Reviewed on X” indicator. This is particularly helpful for documentation and other knowledge base content where its review and accuracy are particularly important.

Developer Release Notes

The links below connect to pull requests and commits in GitHub. These are for those who would like to see code changes and details about its implementation. If you do not have access to the GitHub repository, please submit a request to gain access.

New Features

  • Added the ability for non credit programs to select multiple locations. (#126)
  • Added field group and updated template to include button that links to more info about dates and deadlines for the Academic Programs Custom Post Type. (#132)
  • Added the ability to toggle on the last reviewed date on the bottom of a page, which will use the last time a content audit was performed. (#136)
  • A block to search different post types has been added, with styling similar to the archive page’s search. (#142)
  • A block to embed slate forms on pages has been added, which will take a form id and pull a form and automatically display that form on the page. (#143)

Bug Fixes

  • The Alignment options on Tables were no longer functioning, the classes needed to be added to the styles, they have been added and now work. (#137)
  • The lightbox background was missing due to the color palette changes from the unbranded theme, the necessary variables have been added. (#139)
  • Toggling off the show CTA when there was no URL set would cause the content card to error out, this should no longer be occurring. (#140)
  • The Text Links block’s arrows were misaligning during editing, this has been fixed. (#141)
  • The RSS block would not display as a 3 column layout properly, this has been fixed. (#144)

Quality of Life Enhancements

  • Changed the ordering of posts for all custom post types, and added the ability to order by start date for Non-credit Programs. (#127)
  • The URL and Start/End dates fields on non-credit programs are no longer required. (#127)
  • The blocks available on the Homepage Page template are now available on the Default News Homepage template. (#129)
  • The Smash Balloon block now uses align-wide to make it take up the maximum space on a page. (#138)

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